Chuffnuts GPS GPX to KML / KMZ Converter and Processor

Contact Simon Plant if you're having issues with the converter (and I'd like to hear ALL feedback :) ).

When you come back from a hard day on the slopes, either skiing, snowboarding, or even mountain biking, do you ever wonder "How far did I go today?" or "how long did I spent on lifts today" or "what was my max speed today" etc etc

Then this is the page for you.

The converter takes a GPX file (output from most GPS applications) which you created using your GPS, and outputs your tracks and all summary information into a google earth file for easy viewing and sharing with friends.

It splits your single large GPS file into a series of ascents (lifts, in red) and descents (runs in green) so you can easily see how long each run was etc

Click HERE to checkout the latest converted GPS GPX files and to see examples of what the converter does in Google Earth
Click HERE to see some screenshots of the output in Google Earth

Upload a GPX file from your skiing / snowboarding / biking trip:
Use OpenStreetMap embedded map preview rather than Google Maps?
Please be aware that a 1meg GPX file can take around 30seconds to upload and process, so please only click on the CONVERT button once and then have patience :)

Latest News and updates on the GPS to Google Earth converter:

ToDo list

  1. Add things like avg and max vertical drop in m/s per track etc
  2. Update the website (I can't do websites ! ) and add pictures
  3. Lots more stuff :) Email if you have suggestions